Summer Camp with Mobile Developers

The events in our lives happen in a sequence in time, but in their significance to ourselves they find their own order: the continuous thread of revelation. - Eudora Welty

We at XHackers strongly believe in this and this summer, we are happy to add two more events to your life, helping you to learn more about Xamarin. We are bringing in some exciting sessions to both the meetups.

Recently at Microsoft //build, there were a series of announcements and one among them is Windows 10 and "Universal App Development". So here's your chance to learn more about it from none other than the team at Microsoft Bangalore.

On May 9th - learn how to start Building & Running your Apps over a Billion devices - with Universal Windows Apps by Abhishek Narain, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft.

There are multiple ways to share your business logic code - you can use PCL, Shared Library, or even File Linking. However, there could be instances when your UI is less complicated, and you wish to maintain a single UI codebase. Learn more about how to build native UIs for iOS, Android and Windows from a single, shared C# codebase.

Join Nish Anil, Developer Evangelist, Xamarin on building a simple Weather app using Xamarin.Forms.

In continuation to our previous meetup on wearables, we have added one more talk on
Programming Microsoft Band : The Xamarin way by Vidyasagar, Microsoft MVP - XBox.

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The second event is on May 23rd and this time its at Neudesic Bangalore

Here;s the detailed agenda for this event:

Session 1: Introduction to Xamarin

Session 2: Integrating azure mobile services with Xamarin app (Duration 1 hr)

  • Azure Mobile Service overview

  • Getting started with Xamarin and Azure Mobile Services

  • Covering following scenarios:

    • Store data

    • Offline data sync and handle conflicts

    • Authenticate user

    • Add push notification to your app

Speaker: Sanjeev Dhawala, Senior Consultant, Neudesic

Session 3: Explore Xamarin Test cloud with Xamarin Store App (Duration 1 hr)

  • Overview of Xamarin.UITest to automate the execution of existing iOS and Android apps.

  • Explore the creation of acceptance, behavior and regression tests and how the Xamarin.UITest tooling can be used to speed up the development of your acceptance tests.

  • Finally, we will learn how to deploy the apps + UI Tests up to Test Cloud for complete coverage across devices, OS versions and form factors using Xamarin Store App.

Speaker: Srinivasu Amjuri, Senior consultant, Neudesic (QA Practice)

Session 4: Introduction to Wearable App Design & Development (Apple and Android)

Introduction to wearable app design and development with Xamarin platform.

Speaker: Vidyasagar M S C, Microsoft MVP

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Please note: The Venue for both the events are different. Make sure make necessary travel arrangements for the same.

See you there!

Xhackers Core Team