Get Intellisense for .axml files in Visual Studio

Xamarin Community is growing bigger day by day and lot of developers like me have opted Xamarin for various advantages like building native mobile apps without compromising on code sharing and utilising the knowledge of C#. One of the main reason I love Xamarin is because I get to use my favorite IDE - Visual Studio.

Given that we use Visual Studio for creating our Android Application, there are still certain things which are lacking and one of them is the Intellisense for .axml files. What I mean by this is when you edit .axml files inside Visual Studio, you don't even get a minimal intellisense support.

As a user of Visual Studio, it sometimes becomes tiresome and frustrating without getting any kind of help. This happens because .axml files are generally .xml files.

So in order to get some intellisense support for .axml files, we will add the required Schema.

Let's follow certain steps and see where we land:
1. Open the .axml file
2. Select Designer in the source view.
3. From the menu bar, select XML -> Schemas...
4. In the XML Schemas dialog, click on Add
5. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Xamarin\Android
6. Select android-layout-xml.xsd and click on Open.
7. Click on OK to confirm and dismiss the dialog.

Now try typing android: and you should see some intellisense support.

Note: This is not going to provide you complete Intellisense support like you get in XAML files.